Canada 150 Community Leaders




We thank the following donors for joining us in answering the Governor General’s call to build a more smart and caring nation. Your contribution means that we will be able to ensure sustainable granting dollars are available to our area’s charities for years to come.

Al McDonald and Wendy Abdallah

Nancy Birtch

Alice Boire

Lloyd and Viola Burke

Mike and Kathy Burke

Jack and Elaine Burrows

Harry and Jean Bursey

Ron and Jan Button

Mike and Patti Callahan

Judy Cardwell

Alan and Kristie Chute

Brian and Kathy Chute

Michael and Julie Chute

Laura Chute

Lee Crawford

Sharon and Robert Cunningham

John Cutsey

Debbie and Bill Deering

The Danielson Family

The DeLoyde Family

Donna Donovan

Don Coutts and Nora Elliott-Coutts

Vic and Patty Fedeli

Bill Finnis

Guy and Nicole Fournier

Bill Hagborg

John Holland

Dr. Larry and Carol Hoffman

Bob and Debbie Hudson

Margaret Hughes

William Hunt

J. Rod Johnston Dynamic Dentistry

Bruce and Marisa Knox

Colette and Claude Ledoux

Tony and Jane Limina

Bruce and Natalie MacDougall

Robert Fry and Beverly Martin

Chris and Lori Mayne

Don and Cathy McCallum

Dave and Irene McKee

Cheryl and Michael Miller

Barbara Minogue

Don and Kaye Merritt

Karen and Spencer Merritt

Tammy and Summer Morison

North Bay and District Chamber of Commerce

Lauri Petz

Relevant Life Financial

Anthony and Chantal Rota

Rotary Club of North Bay

Bob and Frankie Syme

Eric and Margaret Thomson

Ted and Sharron Thomson

Adam Venasse

Lori and Michael Venasse

Meghan and Steven Venasse

Don and Diane Wallace

Bob Rappolt and Yvonne Weir

Dr. Catherine Whiting

Chris and Kim Winrow

Bob and Carol Wood